The Savage Tide rises from the dead!

New Gaming System!

We will be using the Pathfinder RPG to continue The Savage Tide campaign. This system is based off of the old 3.5 DnD rules and is backward compatible. I will asist everyone is converting their characters over to this system, if necessary.
The company that published The Savage Tide campaign for Wizards of the Coast created this system, so it should be a good fit.
They sell their rulebooks in PDF format on their website for $9.99 a piece. This is a great deal, and I recommend people getting the core rulebook in this way. It’s almost 600 pages, so a 10 dollar PDF is a steal compared to the $50 print copy.
What follows is a recap of the story and events so far.


Here thar be map!

When we last left our heroes…

Enter Lavinia
Your group was brought to the attention of Lavinia Vanderboren through your exploits in Sesserine’s annual Adventuere’s Race – a competition between adventuring groups through a series of puzzling rooms. While the group did not win the competition, the experience did allow the group to make a slight name for themselves.
Each person in the group received a note the next day:

Greetings, and I trust this missive finds you in good health.
My name is Lavinia Venderboren, and I humbly request your attendance at dinner at my estate on Festival Street and Blue Skink Lane tomorrow evening. I think that I can present you with an opportunity uniquely suited to your skills. Please inform the carrier of the letter of your response to this invitation, and I hope to be speaking to you soon!
Lavinia Venderboren


The party agreed to meet with Lavinia the next day. At dinner the party learned that Lavinia had recently inherited her estate from her parents. Along with the estate came a large amount of debt that she is in need to pay off. Sadly, the family’s money was locked away in a vault that requires a family signet ring to open. Her mother lost her ring, but her father’s ring was on their family’s ship. The ship was being held by the harbormaster due to unpaid docking fees. Lavinia paid the fines to the harbormaster’s employee in charge of the ship – a man named Soller Vark. Soller Vark denies that Lavinia paid the fines, thus keeping her from getting to her ship.


Lavinia is requesting that the party visit her family’s ship, The Blue Nixie, and find out why Vark is trying to keep her from her ship. Lavinia agreed to pay each party member 250 gold once she has access to the family vault.

The Blue Nixie
The party is forced to board The Blue Nixie and take it by force, as the harbormaster is unwilling to listen to people prattle on about his men doing wrong. Orion did his best to get the harbormaster’s help, but even the bulky barbarian couldn’t shake the hardened harbormaster. The party was forced into battle with Soller Vark and his cronies – a cowardly bunch that attempted to flee when things got violent. It turns out that Vark was using The Blue Nixie to smuggle animals into Sasserine. Included in these animals was a fierce creature know as a Rhagodessa.


A Rhagodessa in the hold escaped and killed it’s captor when she attempted to burn the ship down to hide the smuggling evidence. The party was forced to dispatch the creature in the hold.
Once the ship was brought to relative calm, the party was able to find the signet ring Lavinia was looking for. Also found was Lavinia’s docking payment for the harbormaster. It appears Vark was pocketing it the whole time.

MORE TO COME… I need to sleep

Savage Tide - Pathfinder

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